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Erin Grayson and Matthew Rigby complete apprenticeship with PDS

newsCongratulations to Erin Grayson and Matthew Rigby on completing their apprenticeships with PDS in Business and Administration and achieving their NVQ Level 2 qualifications.

Both Matthew and Erin have been a huge asset to the company and have positively thrived within their roles. Having now completed their apprenticeships they will both retain their positions within PDS.

Matthew will be appointed our new Junior Sales Assistant whilst Erin will extend her further education for another year and go on to complete her NVQ Level 3 Qualification at PDS. They are both very motivated and intelligent individuals and have promising futures ahead within PDS. We look forward to helping them continue to develop over the coming years and to contribute further to PDS’s future. From their own point of view both Erin and Matthew believe their apprenticeships have been of great value to them and have considered their time at PDS so far an enjoyable experience.

Managing Director, Tim Fairley has always been a big believer in supporting apprenticeship schemes and made the following statement ‘bringing on young people has always had positive implications on the company. They are able to look at things from a different perspective and usually have a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the role. We believe that as a company it is important to support local colleges and invest in the youth of today and therefore intend on employing several more apprentices in the near future’

Not only has PDS been pleased with the pair’s performance, Hopwood Hall Collage has also recognised them as talented, hardworking individuals and have nominated them both for FE Awards. David Borland, Training Assessor at Hopwood Hall Collage said ‘Both Erin and Matthew have been excellent learners with brilliant can do attitudes. It was rewarding for me as their assessor to see how their self-confidence and abilities grew during the period of their apprenticeship and to see how they have grown to be valuable members of their respective teams’  
David also added ‘Erin and Matthew have been a pleasure to work with and a credit to both themselves and PDS Doorsets. They look set for a very promising future and I wish them success in everything they do’
PDS has had many successes from embarking in such schemes and are looking forward to assigning more apprentices in the near future.

Photograph features David Borland, Hopwood Hall Collage Training Assessor presenting Erin Grayson and Matthew Rigby with their NVQ Level 2 Certificates.

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