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Don’t Limit Yourself: PDS can paint your Windows and Doors any RAL colour you want with Teknos Ltd.

newsPDS have recently been named Teknos’ biggest customer and for good reason considering PDS used over 4000 Litres of Teknos paint throughout the month of January 2015. Teknos specialise in Technology led, water based, paints and translucent finishes for 21st century living. They offer a wide range of colours, in a single integrated finishing process. By combining topically applied preservation technology, innovative end-grain and joint sealing with protective basecoats and flexible micro porous finishes, the Teknos system allows us to meet the latest European performance standards whilst reducing process times and working capital. This means we can give your windows and doors a quality factory finish with little implication on lead times.

PDS and Teknos make worthy partners due to their many shared values. Both commit to providing quality products while meeting and exceeding best practice. They also pride themselves on creating high performance products. Teknos have huge respect for the environment and strive to ensure their products have little implication on it. Their products are water based, with VOC levels significantly below current and proposed legislative levels. They are also free of all heavy metal additives which demonstrates their commitment to being a sustainable organisation. This is also a consideration for PDS. They recognise the significant corporate responsibilities they have and ensure that their impact on the environment is minimalized at all times.

Usingnews Teknos paint on PDS’ beautifully crafted products makes them significantly more durable to weathering and impact damage, the finish that Teknos paint is able to achieve can last up to 8 years without needing any maintenance. Once this time frame has been exceeded a wash or very light sanding followed by a single coat paint is often all that is necessary to replenish the product.


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