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TV fame for PDS

newsThis week has been an exciting one for all at PDS. After years of hard work PDS are coming out of the recession stronger than ever. Where many other organisations have stumbled over recent years PDS have gone from strength to strength with their turnover exceeding £13 million for the first time this year.

In the run up to the general election many are asking themselves whether they feel better or worse off in regards to cost of living over the past 5 years. This was the focus of a piece by Daniel Hewitt at ITV Granada- part of an election special that featured on Wednesday evening.   The aim was to highlight the contrast in experiences people are having across the region. PDS MD Tim Fairley was identified as an employer who’s company is growing rapidly and has been able to employ 50 new staff, none of which are on zero hour contracts. This was compared to Katasha, a lady who’s had a completely different experience. She feels that while working within hospitality she has grown worse off over the past 5 years which she put largely down to the lack of job security she has with a zero hour contracts.

Tim explains why he doesn’t believe zero hour contracts are any good at PDS “what we need is people who show loyalty to us because they know they’ve got a job and it’s a permanent job, via that we can train them and invest in them and then they can invest themselves in PDS”. Taking on several apprentices and young people in the past year and with plans to employ more, PDS are no strangers to investing in people which is somewhat a rare thing within the current economic climate.

People generally got behind Tim Fairley during his debut on ITV Granada via twitter with comments such as ‘nice to see Tim Fairley supporting PDS on ITV Granada’ and ‘Tim Fairley doing us all at PDS proud on ITV Granada Reports… brilliant piece’. This type of work environment must seem worlds apart from that of Katasha who spoke up on ITV on behalf of people on a zero hour contracts where one week they can be earning hundreds of pounds and the next week earn nothing at all. Stability and long term employment is key for everybody, and long may it continue.


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