Chapel is given a boost of life by BJ Property Solution

A former Chapel is given a boost of life by BJ Property Solutions using PDS Timber Windows - transforming it from a decaying and unused shell to a highly appealing dwelling and an asset to the community.

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The Chapel, which was built in the 1830’s, played an important role in the community and was a focal point in the village; it was a building full of life until 2003 when it became unusable. This was due to a large vertical fissure suddenly appearing in the north wall. Investigations took place and the building was deemed dangerous. Keen to continue using the chapel, the congregation enquired about repairs to the building. Estimated upwards of £130,000 the repairs were thought too expensive so the congregation moved to an alternative location leaving the chapel vacant while planning permission was sought to develop the property.  Eight years later planning permission was finally granted – to demolish the chapel and replace it with two small houses, but it remained vacant for two more years.  In 2013 BJ Property Solutions purchased the Chapel and sought permission to convert it to a single dwelling. 

By this time the Chapel had deteriorated to a state not far from derelict; however Jon Bougourd from BJ Property Solutions LTD could see its potential and had the vision of restoring it back to its former glory, while improving the building’s functionality to create a highly desirable three storey, five bedroom family home.

On the 9th October 2014 PDS received an enquiry regarding renovation of the Chapel. BJ Property Solutions used Builders Merchants Travis Perkins who contacted PDS regarding an order of 13 Flush Casement Windows and Doors -the perfect choice for creating a high quality, contemporary, finish to the development, yet in keeping with the traditional qualities of the building.  The order included some coloured glazing to reflect the property’s history and authenticity, along with some feature screens which give the impression of just one floor on the front exterior, which has preserved the character of the former Chapel while internally providing functional benefits of extremely light and airy rooms: not to mention wonderful views over the countryside!

After conversations with Jon Bougourd, PDS invited him to visit the factory in order to look around the facilities and really get a feel for our company and the quality work they do.  Following this visit a contract was fixed with PDS on 27th November 2014 to provide all the Timber Windows and Doors for the renovation.

Well on its way to completion the renovation is looking great and as you can see from the images the character of the building has been retained and its former glory restored. It’s no longer an eye-sore, it has been transformed to a highly attractive property, a focal part of the village once again and when it’s completed it will be an extremely comfortable dwelling.

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