CE Marking

Changes to the Construction Products Directive - 1st July 2013 The CE mark is a guarantee that the product complies with the requirements of the relevant European harmonised standard, and can be legally placed on the market.

CE marking has been mandatory on products such as toys and electronics for many years, but more recently these harmonised standards have been set for construction materials.

On the 1st July 2013, the Construction Products Directive (CPD) became the Construction Products Regulations (CPR), making it compulsory for all external doorsets, patio doorsets and glazed windows to be CE marked.

In line with these requirements all PDS external doorsets and windows carry the CE mark. All CE marked products have their product data supplied in a 'Declaration of Performance' (DoP) format, allowing clear and easy comparisons to be made between similar products, ensuring the consumer can make informed decisions.

The DoP provides independently tested and verified information relating to the product's performance. Each product that falls within these standards will also carry a label - either on the product itself or on its packaging - containing the CE mark logo and a number that identifies its corresponding DoP.

PDS recommend that you leave this label on your product. However, if you would like to remove it, you should download and keep the DoP. All PDS DoPs are stored on our website and are available to access.

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