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What is PAS 23/24?

    WHAT IS PAS24?

    This product assessment specification or ‘PAS’ is for testing of enhanced security performance of doorsets and windows in the UK. 

    This PAS contains both measured mechanical and manual test instructions to ensure the combination of door/window and frame can withstand the required level of testing.

    The level of enhanced security tests detailed in the description refers to casual or opportunist crimes and the tests that are contained within PAS24 aim to replicate this level of burglary.  This means methods are designed to avoid excessive noise and unnecessary risk with relatively short time limits.  The attacks listed in the PAS do not include the breakage of laminated glass (covered in EN 356: 1999) or component tests, the performance of these items are covered in separate assessments such as TS007 for cylinders and TS008 for letterplates. 

    Testing to PAS24 as well as the general performance testing contained in BS 6375 1, 2 and 3 gives consumers assurances that the products will meet at least the minimum standards for enhanced security doorsets and windows.  The UK Government building regulations highlight PAS24 as an acceptable standard for doorsets and low-level windows in Part Q, in Scotland Building Standard 4.13 and Wales Approved Document Q – Security Dwellings.  Northern Ireland does not currently have this requirement, however, developers in Northern Ireland do recognise this as a high-performance standard.

    Manufacturers assemble a range of test specimens that are parallel in construction, they are sent to a UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited laboratory for the tests to take place in a variety of rigs.  A test report is produced and the manufacturer sends this report to a UKAS accredited 3rd party certification body for it to be added to their offering of security doorsets and windows, an example of this would be the BM Trada Q-Mark enhanced security door scheme. Secured by Design, a police initiative for designing out crime in new building developments recognises PAS24 and offers added certification based upon this testing.

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